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Office 365

  • Productivity optimization
  • Privacy and security
  • Compliance
  • Migration

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  • Collaborate
  • Process automation
  • System transparency
  • Real time alerts

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  • Real time audio/video communications
  • Instant webinars
  • Training
  • Support

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  • Automated mail processing
  • Company-wide calendaring
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Automated compliance


Are your email or computer systems a mess?
Are you having trouble keeping track of tasks?
Are your business processes hurting your business?
Do you lack confidence in your business processes?
Do you need your technology to be more transparent?
Are your technical options too confusing?
Are your business applications the best option for you?
Are your business systems out-of-date?
Do you need new applications and processes?
Are you concerned about security and privacy?
Do you need to be HIPAA or PCI-compliant?
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About WSC

Getting the most out of your technology investments
"The most successful technology gets out of the way and helps us live our lives." - Amy Chase

Wellington Street Consulting (WSC) focuses on helping clients maximize the Microsoft Office 365 experience for an optimized work environment and specializes in productivity optimization and email, SharePoint and Lync migrations.

WSC offers a user experience that leads to higher adoption rates and better usability, increased productivity and return on your investment. WSC involves users in every stage of a new technology project and provides in-depth training for everyone.

From working with one of the earliest versions of SharePoint to more recent work with SharePoint Online, Wave 15 and Office 365, the firm has experience with a broad spectrum of Microsoft products. Wellington Street Consulting’s clients range from the one-person professional office to Fortune 500 firms with more than 10,000 users.

  • An efficient business is a profitable business.

  • Are you using your tech to the best of its ability?

  • Making jargon and buzz words accessible

  • So you can grow your business


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